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Wastewater Management

Objectives of Wastewater Treatment: To kill the pathogens To improve the quality of wastewater To avoid unhygienic conditions To protect the aquatic life from the toxicity wastes To make the wastewater usable for agricultural, aquaculture etc. There are three constituents and interrelated aspects of waste water management. Collection of wastewater Collection of domestic wastewater is …

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Pile Foundation Functions

When the soil beneath the level at which a footing or raft would normally be established is too weak or too compressible to provide adequate support, the loads are transferred to more suitable material at a greater depth by means of piles or piers. The distinction between the two is somewhat arbitrary. Piles Piles are …

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As shown in Figure, the Initial Reservoir Storage is the sum of Future Storage Requirements, Active Storage, and Dead Storage. The line designated as Today is the point at which sediment mitigation is implemented. The Reservoir Capacity line indicates the steady decline of the reservoir’s storage capacity as sediment accumulates over time. This storage loss …

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