Aerocon Blocks | Green Building Materials

Aerocon Blocks are an innovative product in the green building revolution. Aerocon blocks are the new blocks in walling materials, substituting conventional and environmentally unsustainable materials like clay bricks, concrete and Hollow blocks.

Aerocon blocks are an Autoclaved Aerated concrete blocks used in the construction of walls. The raw materials used in the manufacture of these blocks are environmentally friendly and are certified green products. Flyash is also used as an alternative building material which is a waste from thermal power plants.

Aerocon Blocks | Aerated Concrete Blocks

Aerocon Blocks | Aerated Concrete Blocks

Since, these materials are light weight with high thermal insulation, they are highly fire resistant. These blocks save water during construction and ensure long term sustainability of the building. These blocks have been used in wide range of constructions which include residential, commercial, hotels, hospitals, schools etc.


The edges of the blocks are such that they allow easy workability and accurate dimensioning. Aerocon blocks are easier to install as opposed to the installation and usage of conventional building materials where construction deadline is short and labour scarcity is acute and mortars are to be used.

The time required for the installation of Aerocon Blocks is about 1/3rd as compared to the time required for the installation of conventional Building materials. Aerocon blocks are available in various sizes and shapes. They are included into the category of Green Building materials because they don’t emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which cause environmental pollution.

Hence, it is one of the revolutionary materials that can be used to make the world a better, greener and cleaner place to live in.


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  1. Methra Industries India Pvt Ltd. presents its maiden product CELL O CON Aerated Autoclaved Concrete blocks made in India with Internationally proven state of the art technology.


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